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Commercial Document Attestation for UAE in India

Commercial Document Attestation

Going to any foreign country requires a plethora of formalities. Whether you are traveling to a foreign country for study, travel purposes, work, or business, you are required to submit various documents. Via these commercial document attestation , you can achieve clearance and easily enter any foreign country without any hustle. A plethora of documents is included, like, visas, passports, and various others, that require an appropriate checking system. UAE Attestation of commercial documents serves and Chamber of commerce attestation as a checkpoint of the document verification procedure that solves the entire issue. 

What is Commercial Document Attestation ?

Whenever a business document requires attestation before its use in a foreign country, it is known as an attestation of a commercial document. A business document could be any business, such as a shipping receipt, purchase invoice, etc. Every document is required to be attested by a designated commercial attestation board. The document attestation includes stamps and signs from designated officials that claim you are legalized. 

Commercial documents relate to trade, business, organization, or investors. If you desire to expand your business in any foreign country, you must get it attested according to the procedure. Via commercial document legalization, your document seems to be genuine and authentic. The attestation is mandatory to establish the validity of your documents in any foreign country. Moreover, the steps for the attestation process start from the designated authorities of the home country, along with the host country where you desire to travel. 

A commercial certificate includes all sorts of documents needed to start a business or to open a new office. The document possesses all recorded transactions, invoices, origin certificates, articles, memoranda, and many others. If you desire to start your business in any foreign country, you require to submit attested documents for legalization. Just after the process, you can grab business visa approval. And, without the process, you can’t enjoy sponsorship in any foreign country. 

Why are Commercial Documents Essential ?

Legalization of commercial documents is required in order to run business in another country or from a capital located abroad. Legalization of documents is essential for both governments to allow business between the two nations. This has been done to stop fraud. Attestation of commercial papers is required for the following purposes.

Business travel authorization

  • Changes to the share capital
  • Create or break a business partnership
  • creating a new branch abroad
  • Import or export goods
  • Registration of a tourist license
  • In another county, open a bank account.
  • selling real estate in one’s native nation

Important details concerning the parties to a transaction, the items being transported, the nation of manufacturing, etc. are contained in commercial document.

Use of Commercial Document Attestation

A commercial document is an essential document whenever used in any foreign business. The document is used while exporting certain items via international borders, but the document must include every piece of information. Document attestation for UAE is essential if you desire to relocate abroad or expand your business. Commercial document authentication is important for doing business transactions abroad and also allows business dealings between two nations. Here are some of the uses of the legalization of this document.

  • Share capital modification.
  • Business visa.
  • To start a brand new branch in any foreign country.
  • To cancel or introduce a business partnership.
  • Tourist license registration.
  • Import or export merchandise.
  • To open a bank account abroad.
  • To sell property in your home country. 

Process for Getting Commercial Document Attestation

The attestation process involves three departments, and out of the three departments, two departments are the same for every sort of attestation service. The Degree Certificate  Attestation needs authentication from the Chamber of Commerce, an organization entirely embodied by local businessmen. Every document must possess a stamp from designated authorities. The attestation procedure builds credibility, trust, and validation between two countries or business partners. Here are the steps of attestation. 

Chamber of Commerce Attestation

The Chamber of Commerce serves as a local business association that is the first step in document verification before MEA authentication.

MEA Attestation

The Ministry of External Affairs serves as the loyal arm of the central government that appropriately manages foreign affairs. The department provides its stamp and sticker over the document, which makes it legal.

Embassy Attestation

UAE Embassy attestation is the last step in the authentication process that is done on behalf of the nation that you want to visit. 

MOFA Attestation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is mandatory when you reach your dream or destination country. You need to get all of your certificates authenticated by the MOFA department. 

List of Documents Required for Commercial Document Attestation

Attestation stamps are usually printed over original commercial documents. So, the document must be in proper condition, and all stamps and signs must be clear and readable. Furthermore, it might not include unusual markings. In the attestation procedure, you require other documents to allow a proper ongoing process. 


  • Original certificate.
  • Cover letter.
  • Expert invoice.
  • Insurance certificate.
  • Invoice bills.
  • Power of attorney.
  • Packaging list.
  • Certificate of incorporation.
  • Shareholder agreement.
  • Certificate of origin.
  • Physical analysis report.
How to get Commercial Document Attestation from the UAE attestation ?

Attestation of commercial documents serves as a method to check the entire legitimacy of the business before it travels abroad. The entire procedure is quite complex, with certain policies that are time-consuming and making the process much more frustrating. UAE attestation services, the best commercial document attestation services, make the procedure much easier.

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