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Nowadays, demand for Chartered Accountant is on the rise all over the world and in every business sphere. Holding a CA certificate separates an individual from other traditional business training and accounting practices. You can also do B.Com Degree Certificate Attestation at UAE attestation. Moreover, a CA certificate is usually an educational document that confirms that an individual is a register member of the ICAI Institute. But, to grab global opportunities, CA needs to get its certificate attest by a reliable authority. And here comes the requirement of a professional attestation service provider that makes the procedure easy and simple.

Attestation of documents is a procedure of legalizing a document or any certificate issue by a respective authority, department, or board. CA attestation certificate is an educational document, and its attestation affirms the genuineness of the certificate. A specific authority or board issues the certificate along with their signature and official seal on the certificate. The issuing country of the certificate does the attestation procedure of the certificate. And applicants who wish to get their CA certificate to get attest require to submit some documents for a smooth process. 

CA certificate verification is mandatory if you desire to go abroad, especially to UAE as this claims your authenticity. The attestation procedure affirms that the certificate issued by a respective university is legal and that their signature and seal are real. Moreover, verification of the document is solid proof that makes your document legal. The attestation procedure confirms the document’s legality and proves that the signature is authentic. With the attested CA certificate, you can travel abroad for Employment or higher study purposes.

Documents needed for CA certificate attestation

To attest a Chartered accountant certificate, it needs to be done by respective authorities along with the embassy to which the holder wants to go. To complete the attestation procedure, you need to have certain documents along with you.

  • Passport copy.
  • Original certificate.
  • Degree copy.
  • Visa copy.
  • Passport-size photo.
  • SSC certification.
  • HSC certification.
  • All-year original mark sheets.
  • Authorization letter.

All these documents are essential during the attestation procedure as it claims the legality of the documents. The legalization process is done by the Home Government, which grants permission to an individual to travel abroad country. The entire process is done to claim the legality or authenticity of the document so that you can travel abroad. 

Why do we do an Attestation of the Chartered Accountant Certificate in India ?

When a CA degree holder travels to any foreign country for varying purposes, attestation of a certificate is mandatory. This procedure allows you to get visa approval for your desired foreign place. Furthermore, if you wish to travel abroad, an attested CA certificate might be needed for various purposes, such as :

  • Employment in foreign companies.
  • Getting family-dependent visas for children, parents, and spouses.
  • Education from any reputed University or Institute.
  • Resident visa or sponsorship.
  • To set up business abroad.
  • To change visa status abroad.
  • To change profession abroad.

Educational document attestation in Delhi service providers makes your attestation procedure simple and hassle-free. And the procedure makes your document legal and authentic. The CA certificate attestation is also required to grab medical security and attend various exams abroad. 

How long does it take to get an CA certificate ?

The process is time-consuming, but with the help of expert service providers, it could be done in less time. Processing time for Chartered accountant certificate attestation lies between 8-10 days. But, in some situations, the processing time might take around 30 days due to certain reasons, like the place of issuing authority lies in an inaccessible area. Some factors related to the delay of the process might include document type, for which country you wish for attestation and many more.


CA degree certificate attestation cost varies for every country and State, and it depends on various factors. Varied fees could be due to certain factors, like the place of issue of a certificate and upon the thing whether the holder needs an end-to-end solution or a standalone service. Moreover, the attestation fees might be high or affordable and could change with some extra services like pickup and drop services. 


Chartered accountant certificate attestation agency in India offers you with most reliable and fast service. Moreover, the services are worthwhile and trustworthy and for the betterment of an individual. The best feature is the free pickup and drops service for your documents safety, which simplifies the process. Apart from this, the agency offers the best assistance anytime, either day or night. Facilities are of better quality and high authenticity, and the work is enriched with accuracy. UAE attestation agency in India maintains transparency of the procedure and provides great help to individuals. 

Procedure for CA attestation certificate

The attestation process is indirect, and you must go through various steps before the final step. The process starts with notary attestation and finishes with embassy attestation, here is the entire procedure of CA certificate attestation.

  • University attestation is the initial stage in the certificate authentication process, from which documents are issued. 
  • After receiving University verification, the Human resource department would attest the original Chartered accountant certificate.
  • After attestation from the HRD Department, the original CA certificate is sent to the Ministry of External Affairs for further attestation. MEA attestation serves as the last step of certification from the Home Government, and the department deals with the country’s foreign issues.
  • After getting attested by the Ministry of External Affairs, the CA certificate is sent to the host country’s embassy for more documents authentication.   

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