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Divorce Certificate Attestation for UAE in India

Divorce Certificate Attestation

Marriage and divorce are taken as two opposite ironies in society, and both processes need certain legal approval from an authority. Divorce certificate attestation is a type of legal authorization that is done by issuing a specific certificate in the spouse’s name. The attestation allows the couple to take a divorce and part ways. In today’s world, gain knowledge about attestation procedures is essential. Via the UAE embassy attestation process, you confirm the legality of your documents. Furthermore, the attested documents might help you during your travelling to any foreign country. 

What is divorce certificate attestation ?

A divorce certificate is considered a document that needs to vanish from the previous relations officially so you can move ahead. Moreover, if you wish to have a second marriage, it becomes essential to grab an attestation of a divorce certificate before going to any foreign country. Allow the professionals to handle the attestation work while you can focus on various other essential work. 

Attesting a divorce certificate seems to be a procedure of attesting the court-issued certificate that officially terminates a marriage. A divorce document includes the name of the separated partners, the date of marriage, and the place of termination. If you own a foreign-issued divorce document that you require to use in the UAE, the document is required to get attested officially by competent authorities. Moreover, the attestation of the divorce certificate is done to prove single status certificate attestation  of the applicant and allow you to take the next step.

Process of the divorce certificate attestation ?

Below is the procedure for attestation of a divorce certificate attestation in Dubai, which serves as a chain process. The attestation process of the divorce certificate is consider where the certificate gets attested by the State Home Department mandatorily. 

  • The divorce document is sent to the District just for verification by the State Home Department.
  • After verification by the district, the State Home Department would attest your original document.
  • After MEA attestation, the certificate is sent to the embassy of your dream country for further authentication. 

However, the procedure of attestation of a divorce certificate is define as where a divorce document needs to be attested by the SHD Department is not mandatory. 

  • The divorce document is sent to SUB Divisional Magistrate and Notary for attestation.
  • After attestation from Notary and SDM Department, the original document is sent to the Ministry of External Affairs for further validation.
  • Just after its attestation from the MEA Department, the certificate is sent to the embassy of the host country for further attestation procedure.

List of documents required for divorce certificate attestation

Attestation of divorce certificate by MEA and SDM Departments and from the embassy, several other documents are needed along with the original document.

The list of other documents poses :

  • Original document.
  • Authorization letter.
  • Copy of visa.
  • Copy of passport.
  • Passport-size photographs. 

Importance of divorce certificate attestation

Getting your divorce certificate in UAE attested in the early hours makes you safe from doing the process in a hurry later. Moreover, getting a divorce certificate is done for several reasons that allow you to do various things. 


  • To change your name on an official certificate, like a passport.
  • To get married again.
  • To fetch a single certificate.
  • To grab a visa for any foreign country.
  • To legally discard your spouse’s name.
  • To change the insurance policy or the beneficiary. 


Why divorce document consider as an no educational document ?

A divorce document is considered a non-educational certificate attestation that possesses several importance. For employment and work purposes in a foreign country, attestation of certificates is pretty essential. Moreover, commercial document attestation is required for business purposes, trading, property matters, and opening a bank account. 


Attestation of non-educational certificates is pretty essential and is of utmost importance when you travel to any foreign country, especially attestation of divorce certificates. Moreover, these documents are considered fundamental certificates that offer legal assistance during your international itinerary. Immigrants must complete the entire attestation process as the process is mandatory for migration abroad. Ensure to make you eligible to enter into foreign countries that allow you to travel for varying reasons. Moreover, the certificates needed for the procedure vary per the certificate form. Copy of passport and original documents serves as the major documents that are of utmost essentially. 


divorce certificate is mandatory to be attested that proves your and your certificate’s legality. Moreover, the competent authority implements the legalization process that grants permission to enter any foreign country. Moreover, the attestation procedure serves as the verification process and affirms the genuinity of the certificate holder. Rely on a reliable divorce certificate attestation service that makes your work easy and hassle-free. Enhance your credibility in a foreign country with the help of trustworthy services that will properly assist you to fetch genuine help without any obstacles. We are the leading agency for degree certificate attestation for UAE in Indian Market.

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