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Marriage Certificate Attestation for UAE in India

marriage certificate attestation

marriage certificate attestation which was only necessary when someone moved abroad or for any financial matter, has now become mandatory. UAE attestation now provides legal attested document. Furthermore, it comes with a fine if it gets delay , and the process is entirely simple. Although, it could be time-consuming as you must go to the registrar’s office frequently to get it done. In practically all known societies, marriage is a common social institution. Marriage continues to be the foundational institution upon which society is built, whether modern or traditional. However, the complexity of modern life has also increased the complexity of legal contexts.

For this reason, everyone must have a marriage registration certificate. Marriage certificates safeguard the rights of the people entering nuptials and the subsequent generations, making them crucial for any joint initiatives between the couples, such as renting or buying a home, opening joint accounts or commercial operations, etc. The process is rather complicated and time-consuming because this credential is crucial for a variety of reasons. This action is made to guarantee accuracy and prevent fraud during the process.

Marriage certificate process

A marriage license certifies the couple’s entry into the union. To obtain a marriage certificate attestation , there are 4 processes.

Online marriage certificate registration is the first step

Since the beginning of India’s digital revolution in 2010, there has been a method for marriage certificates. The folks in the current times have found this tactic useful for avoiding long lines. Compared to the earlier registration methods, it saves less time and trouble. Typically, the following procedures are taken when registering online. 

  • Visit the government website for the applicant’s home state, which may be their place of birth or residence.
  • Visit the site for the marriage registration office’s website.
  • You can Fill  the form with the necessary detail information.
  • Add the supporting documents and other specifications from the page.
  • Submit it after filing.

This approach is simpler than the conventional registration process because most documents are now store digitally. The marriage registrar will physically cross-check the parties involve to make sure there was no fraud engaged in the procedure after the registration via online mode.

Marriage certificate offline registration

This procedure varies depending on the type of marriage and the applicable law. The Special Marriages Act has a different methodology than the Hindu Marriages Act of 1955, which governs traditional marriages conduct in religious settings.

Submission of the necessary paperwork

In this nation, all marriage procedures must include the require paperwork. This is because one of the most important legal documents a person must possess is a marriage certificate from India. Depending on the rules set forth by the state government, the document’s requirements may change. The variance is extremely constrain, though. It is required that all paperwork be present as photocopies. At the time of submission, the photocopies must be double-check and signed by the gazette officer.

Required paperwork includes:
  • Application is fully complete and signed by the prospective spouses or the husband and wife.
  • A citizenship certificate or proof of residency. It could be a voter identification card, ration card, etc.
  • Age verification for both parties can be provided by a passport, matriculation SSLC certificate, or birth certificate. Both the 1954 Special Marriages Act and the Hindu Marriages Act have the same age restrictions.
  • Rs. 100 if the Hindu Marriage Act is followed, and Rs. 150 for exceptional marriages. The completed form must be sent along with the payment receipt.
  • If the union has already been solemnized, the invitation and wedding portrait is. If an invitation card is available, even those who registered earlier may send it.
  • Any person getting married who has recently undergone a divorce must provide a copy of their divorce decree from the court.
  • The spouses’ death certificates must be supplied if any prospective spouse is a widow or widower.
  • If the marriage is solemnized, two passport-size photos of the parties getting married and an affidavit from someone who attended the wedding are necessary.

Examination of one's health in the sub-registrar's office

The individual getting married must appear at the sub-registrar’s office with all the original certificates after filing all the necessary paperwork. The sub-registrar will approve and grant the certificate if the presented documents and affidavits persuade him. Along with the bride and groom, there must be a minimum of two guests from the wedding. The registrar also looks for additional requirements such as no objection certificates and other formalities in the case of marriages under the special marriage statute. Grab the marriage certificate in Delhi with the help of the following steps. Contact us right away for the certificte attestation for UAE.

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