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Engineering Certificate Attestation for UAE in India

Engineering Certificate Attestation for UAE

Attestation of Engineering Certificate Attestation for UAE serves as an act of witnessing an engineering certificate by an authorize person/persons/authorities/departments along with their official signature and seal. Moreover, the certificate attestation confirms that a specific BE degree certificate has been issued by a specific institute or university. 

The signature and seal of the issuing university on that specified certificate make it genuine. Attestation of the certificate proves as a shred of evidence by which the degree is attested that makes it evident enough. Authentication or legalization or attestation engineering certificate is a procedure that must be completed on the original BE certificate or a copy of the certificate in rare cases for use abroad. 

Attestation acts as an accurate and true representation of facts that depicts authenticity along with its correctness. Several attestation services offer great services for the attestation of engineering certificates. Furthermore, an attestation report is a type of report that resembles a conclusion regarding the reliability of a specific engineering certificate. 

Need of engineering certificate attestation for UAE

Attaching an engineering certificate for the UAE serves as a process to prove that the certificate you carry abroad is legalize or legitimate by authorize authorities. After achieving attestation stamps, your certificate grabs legalization. And you would be taken as a permissible individual. Degree attestation UAE is essential if you wish to travel to UAE for personal or professional reasons or when you want a visa for UAE.

The prime objective of attestation of the engineering certificate from the UAE embassy is to depict the genuineness of the document. This step is done to avoid any illegal person from entering the country. Moreover, the education certificate attestation UAE is require to achieve a student, residence. Or employment visa or if you desire to expand your business in UAE. However, the attestation procedure becomes simple enough with the help of various reliable attestation services.

Document for engineering certificate attestation

When planning to travel abroad, it seems easy to achieve a visa or proper verification of your required documents. However, in reality. Engineering certificate attestation for UAE serves as a complex and long procedure as it includes various government offices. You must rush from one office to another to complete the process. 

To make it easy, various attestation services have come up to help you, as these services facilitate you to reach the government authorities easily. When you attest your document it must require a some document to complete process to apply for an attestation of engineering certificate.

  • Passport copy.
  • Original certificate.
  • 2 passport-size photographs.
  • Visa copy.
  • Degree copy.
  • Authorization letter.
  • Original mark sheet of every year.
  • HSC certificate.

When is the engineering degree certificate attestation?

The attestation must be done from the issuing country, and the engineering certificate attestation for UAE is essential for certain reasons. 

The authentication of documents related to engineering certificates is require to grab a visa for any employment abroad. It is also essential to achieve a family visa and done when you want to finish a course or training abroad. Moreover, the institute acquiring the profile also needs the attestation of the document. 

How to attest my degree certificate in UAE?

The attestation procedure is different for every type of degree. It usually depends on the issuing body of a certain document. For degree certificates, attestation needs to be done by concern embassy authorities who reside in the country’s capital. If you need to do an engineering certificate attestation for UAE or in UAE itself, you must follow two attestation stages.

  • Firstly, you require to head towards Dubai Court Notary Public and need to grab a token just for visiting the Notary. The Notary would be the one authority that will verify and attest the documents. But, you must take all original documents, especially valid ID or passport. 
  • Secondly, you need to get your documents attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Whose education certificate attestation cost in Dubai could vary according to the documents. 

Process for apply BE certificate attestation

Attesting an engineering certificate is not a direct procedure . You must go through various steps before final attestation. And, to make use of degree certificates in UAE, they should be attested via legal authorities. The following process will provide an overview of document attestation. 

  • Firstly, Notary verification is done from the country of origin, as the Notary would verify the document’s authenticity. It legally authorize the signatory’s identity, which became a major step in receiving attestation.
  • Then, attestation needs to be done by the legal authority of the issuing country, and the authority makes the certificate valid abroad. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the issue country mostly attests to the degree certificate.
  • After getting the attestation from the Ministry in your home country, the document must be attested by the UAE Embassy situated in your home country. The embassy attests the documents after verifying and ensuring that it gets attest by all important authorities.
  • Finally, UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs would certify the genuineness of the documents. But, before the attestation, the Ministry ensures that it is verify or not by other authorities in the issuing country.

Cost and time of engineering certificate attestation for UAE

Usually, the time required to attest the degree certificate depends entirely on the issuing country. The document attestation is taken via a subsequent process chain, so the completion duration depends on time. Usually, it takes around 10 days to complete, but it could be stretched to a couple of weeks due to certain factors. Moreover, the attestation cost depends on the issuing country and the certificate’s language. The cost of document attestation could be high or reasonable and differ due to various facilities. 

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