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Diploma Certificate Attestation for UAE in India

Diploma certificate attestation

Diploma attestation ( personal documents attestation ) is a procedure that claims the authenticity and legality of your Diploma certificate. It is an educational certificate issued by a specific university or institution that needs to be attested for travel abroad. The attestation process of Diploma certificate carry by the HRD (Human Resource Department) of every state. The procedure seems to be complex, but it could be done smoothly with help from expert services. Moreover, the attestation process is a mandatory procedure to travel abroad as the attestation procedure claims the genuinity of your document and will allow you to enter any foreign country.

What is a Diploma certificate attestation ?

Attestation of a Diploma certificate is a term that comes under the category of the educational document attestation process. A diploma certificate serves as an educational document that is issue by a specific college or University after Completion of the course. The certificate possesses great value in the issuing country, but to make it valuable abroad, it must be attested. You require legal permission from the host country where you wish to travel. Legal permission makes the document more genuine and is known as diploma certificate attestation.

Nowadays, every country demands the attestation process for essential documents issue by another country’s government. Furthermore, the process enables the certificate to gain suitability for a country’s legal system. Diploma certificate attestation for UAE poses its methods to grant certificate attestation. 

But, the country mandatory needs an original certificate along with a copy of the passport for attestation verification. The entire procedure makes the documentation more perfect and legal. It offers a gateway to your country and permits you to fulfill your requirements via this process. 

How to attest Diploma certificate ?

Diploma attestation is a mandatory procedure that affirms the genuinity of your document, and the attestation stamp confirms legality for abroad. The procedure is for security purposes and is done through various steps. The documents are sign and seal by government authorities that appropriately verify the document. To make the procedure smooth and simple, ensure to take help from diploma certificate attestation in Bangalore. The embassy attestation stamp offers correct judgment regarding the legalization of diploma certificates. 

Need of Diploma attestation

Attestation or legalization of a diploma certificate helps get a visa approve for a desire professional position when a bearer travels to a foreign country for various reasons. A diploma certificate that has been attested may be need if the traveler is going to:

  • Job or employment with a foreign firm.
  • Visa for dependent family members—spouse, kids, and parents.
  • Education from a university or institute abroad.
  • Create a business in a foreign nation.
  • Sponsorship or Visa for Residency.
  • Abroad, change the profession.
  • Altering visa situation overseas.

Through this process, the embassy representatives will verify the certificate’s validity. The appropriate authorities will act against the applicant if it is determine that the submit certificate is fraudulent or forge. The issuing nation and certificate type determine the documentation’s validity. An embassy official will place a stamp on the certificate, making it suitable for the destination’s legal system.

List the document required for the attested diploma UAE

To receive an official seal and signature, diploma certificates must be witness by authorize individuals, departments, or authorities. This attestation also attests to the authenticity of the seal and signature on the specific diploma certificate and the fact that the department issue it. Attestation of an Indian diploma certificate may be done in the nation where it was issue. For use in India, a degree certificate must be attest by the relevant HRD/MEA and the embassy of the nation the certificate bearer intends to visit. Diploma certificate attestation in India requires various essential documents.

  • Copy of passport.
  • Original certificate.
  • Copy of degree.
  • Copy of visa.
  • Mark sheet of every year.
  • SSC certificate.
  • HSC certificate.
  • Passport-size photograph.

Steps for Diploma Certificate Attestation India

The attestation and legalization procedures for diploma certificates in India are outlined below. The embassy outlines the procedure for attesting diploma certificates, and it is mandatory that the State HRD attestation for diploma certificates need to be done. 

  • The State HRD Department will send the diploma certificate to the University for verification.
  • The Human Resource Development (HRD) Department will certify the original Diploma Certificate after receiving confirmation from the University.
  • After the State HRD Department authenticates the original diploma certificate. For additional authentication and legalization, the original diploma certificate would be sent to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), New Delhi.
  • Following Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), New Delhi, attestation. A certificate of Completion will be delivered to the host country’s embassy for further authentication.

However, the procedure for attesting diploma certificates as specified by the embassy, in which the State HRD Department has to certify the diploma certificate, is not required.

  • The diploma certificate will be delivered to the SDM and the notary for certification.
  • After receiving attestation from the Notary & SUB Divisional Magistrate (SDM). For additional authentication and legalization, the original diploma certificate would be sent to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), New Delhi.
  • Following Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), New Delhi, attestation. The diploma certificate will be delivered to the host country’s embassy or consulate for additional legalization.

Processing time for Diploma attestation

The ideal processing period for embassy attestation and diploma certificate attestation services is 5 to 7 business days. However, in some circumstances, such as when the institution responsible for producing a diploma certificate is located in a remote location, processing could take up to 10 days. Each nation and state charges a different amount for apostilling diplomas. The place where the document or certificate was issued is one of the many elements that affect fees. It also depends on whether the certificate holder wants an end-to-end solution or a solo service.

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