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Medical Certificate Attestation for UAE in India

medical certificate attestation

A medical certificate is a type of written document by a doctor who claims that an individual is entirely fit. We are also provides death certificate attestation dubai online. It depicts the proof of your overall health, hence it serves as a report card of your medical condition. If you suffer from any disease, your medical certificate includes every detail. Furthermore, medical certificate attestation is an important procedure that needs to be done while going abroad.

Government authorities do the process of attestation of medical certificates. And the attested medical certificate permits you to go abroad. Its verification offers authority and legitimacy and serves as a crucial part while going abroad. Whenever it comes to attestation of medical certificates, it is done by a native government that grants permission to go abroad. 

As you know, you can’t visit a foreign country without a visa. But, to achieve a visa, there are certain terms and conditions. And medical certificate attestation acts as one of the terms and conditions. Hence, if you don’t possess the attestation of a medical certificate, you can’t avail of a visa. Now, the question comes to your mind: how to attest to the medical certificate. Read further to know about it.

Why is medical certificate attestation for UAE required?

Attestation of a medical certificate is a process that provides authenticity to your medical certificate by the high authorities of the issuing country. During the process, the officials verify the documents and put stamps of their department over the document to prove its legality.

Moreover, the attestation of a medical certificate is an essential procedure that is done due to certain reasons :

  • To claim medical insurance.
  • To claim various advantages from the government or any organization.
  • To achieve leave extension and salary.
  • To explain the cause of short and long-term absence.
  • Allow you to achieve financial aid along with cutting down the expenses.

Process and time for medical certificate attestation

Document attestation is not a one-step process, it is a very precise and delicate procedure. The process must be done with full precision, as a small mistake could destroy the whole process. You can take help from experience people to solve any mistake during this process. Indian medical certificate attestation needs to go through various steps while document attestation. 

Notary attestation

This is an essential step that requires it to be done before all other types of processes. Moreover, the local notary does this and offers a stamp and signature over the document. Notary serves as a necessity for any type of legalization along with the verification process. 

Home Department attestation

After notary attestation, the next step is attestation from the State Home Department, and it is much similar to notary attestation. Government authorities verify the documents just to check the document’s originality. After checking, the Home Department attests to the document and offers authority to it.

Ministry of External Affairs attestation

The Ministry of External Affairs offers a legal stamp over the medical certificate that proves its genuinity. Moreover, it is the major department that looks after various foreign issues of the country.

Embassy attestation

Here comes the last step of medical certificate attestation, which is done by the embassy of the issuing country. During the process, government officials check your documents thoroughly. When the officials are satisfied with your documents, they provide you with a visa to enter their country.

The time for attestation of a medical certificate could range from 8-10 days, however, it could be extended by a few months to a few weeks. Attestation acts as a time taking procedure that seems to be daunting. But, to prevent unnecessary inconvenience, it is suggested to get help from an expert service. Moreover, the attestation time depends entirely on documents, country of visit, and state of origin. 

Required document for medical certificate attestation from UAE Embassy

If you wish to travel abroad, you require a visa. And, for a visa, you require document attestation. Here are certain documents you need to have during your attestation of a medical certificate. 

  • Photocopy of passport that includes relevant pages and a residence visa page.
  • Two recent passport-size photographs.
  • Letter from a reputed medical center or Indian hospital.
  • Original passport.
  • Valid medical certificates issued from well-known hospitals.
  • Visa photocopy.
  • Aadhar card photocopy.

Cost for Indian medical certificate attestation

Cost is another essential aspect of the attestation process. Medical certificate attestation cost is based on extra utilities such as document attestation along with pick and drop facility. But, if you wish to get an attestation of a medical certificate on an urgent basis, it could depict a rise in cost. While you could avoid unwanted fees just by selecting a UAE attestation agency that offers great services at an affordable price. 

Why choose the UAE attestation agency ?

There are a lot of things to consider during the document attestation procedure. As the entire process is multi-layered, the whole procedure might be complicated. Every document needs specific consideration during the process just to ensure its safety. UAE attestation agency would offer you end-to-end, high-quality service that includes pick up and delivery of your documents. 

UAE attestation agency services will make the process easy for you, as we care for your needs regarding attestation. Our expert team always serves you excellently, so don’t go in search of any other attestation service provider. Moreover, we provide attestation services at affordable prices. Your documents will be safe with us, and the procedure of attestation will go smoothly with our services.

Make your document attestation procedure easy and hassle-free through UAE attestation agency services. You can rely on our services and can travel abroad with our help. 

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