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Single Status Certificate Attestation for UAE in India

Single Status Certificate Attestation

As the name depicts, a single status certificate attestation serves as a legitimate document, that tells the holder of the certificate is unmarried. Most countries’ foreign affairs ministries need the document to determine whether the person is single. Another major thing is that a widow and a divorcee are also considered single by marital status. In simple terms, there are three types of single status: widower, divorcee, and bachelorhood, as per the judiciary system of every nation. So, if any individuals under the single status category need to travel abroad, that person requires attestation of the certificate. 

What is a single-status certificate attestation ? 

A certificate of single status is as essential as a divorce certificate that proves that you are single and don’t have a spouse. A single certificate has also named a certificate of no marriage record, a sort of document that proves your single status. With the use of this certificate, you can marry a person in a foreign country. Several countries demand a single status certificate from you as evidence that you have never got married and are eligible to marry.


The single status certificate helps various foreign countries to know about your birthplace along with your status, whether you are married, single, divorcee, or widow. The certificate acts as a protective measure for any government to avoid any marital scam just because of polygamy. Moreover, the certificate attestation states that the government authority has verified your status legally. 

How to get single status certificate attestation in India ? 

Unlike a few years ago, the applicant achieves privilege, as they can apply online for the procedure. Here comes the process to get your single state certificate in India that permits you to marry a foreigner.


  • The competent court holds jurisdiction over your residential address, and the concerned authority will issue your single status document.
  • Just after 15 days of your application submission, a police officer in your area will pay a visit to your place to inquire about you. And for that, you require almost two witnesses who support your statement, whether you are single or not.
  • Just after police verification, your status certificate will be sent to the State Home Department for further verification for attestation. The Department proves the legality of your single status along with its sign and seal.
  • When your certificate gets legalized by the MEA department with its attestation process, the embassy of your country will do the attestation process. 

Required document for certificate attestation

To get a single status document, you require to submit certain other documents, and they are as follows :

  • Affidavit that depicts your single status along with details like your identity, address, and witness name.
  • Visa and passport.
  • Photographs.
  • Parent’s nationality card or driving license, and parent’s proof.
  • Your school or birth certificate.
  • You Need to attach your address, such as your rental agreement, bank passbook, aadhar card, or voter ID, along with your affidavit. 
  • Death certificate if your spouse is no more.

When is single status certification attestation required ?

People often move to any foreign country for several reasons, and at various times, you might fall for a foreigner. Certain relationships transform into serious notes and get converted into marriage. So, you require a single status document attestation for marrying a foreigner. Moreover, the duration of the process depends on the departments that claim your single status. We also do degree attestation for UAE quickly from any state of India. Contact us today.

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