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ITI certificate attestation for Saudi

ITI Certificate Attestation

ITI certificate attestation for Saudi authenticates the educational documents of individuals who have complete vocational or technical courses from Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs). ITI certificate attestation for Saudi is typically require for individuals planning to work or study abroad, as it serves as proof of the authenticity of their educational qualifications.

The attestation process involves verifying the ITI certificate by the issuing authority, then by the relevant state government department. And finally by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) or the Embassy or Consulate of the country where the individual intends to use the certificate. This process is important to prevent fraud and ensure that the certificate recipient is qualified and capable of performing their job or studying in a foreign country.

Why do we Need ITI certificate attestation for Saudi ?

ITI stands for Industrial Training Institute , is required for Saudi Arabia because it is mandatory for individuals planning to work or study in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabian government requires that all educational certificates and documents, including ITI certificates, issue by foreign countries are attested to ensure their authenticity and validity.

The attestation process is necessary to prove the credibility of the ITI certificate . And to ensure that the certificate holder possesses the necessary skills and knowledge required for the job or course they are applying for in Saudi Arabia. Without proper attestation, the ITI certificate may not be recognize by the Saudi Arabian government or the employer, which can lead to the rejection of the job or admission application.

Additionally, the attestation process involves verifying the authenticity of the ITI Certificate Attestation in UAE with the relevant authorities. This helps prevent fraud and ensures the individual’s educational qualifications are genuine. This is important for maintaining the integrity of the education system and protecting the interests of employers and educational institutions in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, it is essential to complete the ITI certificate attestation process for Saudi Arabia to ensure a smooth and successful transition to work or study there.

What is the process for ITI Certificate Attestation ?

Here we will describe a process for legalization or attestation for ITI Certificate Attestation in UAE.

Step 1:

First of all you have to sent ITI Certificate (Industrial Training Institute Certificate) to the state HRD department for the verification.

Step 2 :

After receiving and verifying by the University, HRD department will attest your original ITI certificate.

Step 3 :

Once your original certificate attested by the state HRD department they are forward your document for the MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)) , New Delhi for the further  legalization process.

Step 4:

So In final step MEA sent your certificate to the embassy/consulate and they are complete further attestation / legalization process.

What are the documents required for ITI Certificate Attestation ?

I.T. I. Certificate Attestation ( Certificate attested in India )is done by a State Home Department, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), New Delhi and Embassy so for this process various document this include as follows.

  • Offer latter.
  • All original certificates.
  • All year semester ITI mark sheet.
  • One passport copy of holder/students.
  • 2 passport size photo.
  • Process for getting attested ITI Certificate

Process for getting attested ITI Certificate

We PCC .PVT .LTD provides embassy attestation services or ITI Certificate Attestation between 3 to 5 working days. But In case of natural disaster or any other issue it may take 30 days. For this first of all we are collect original document and after that we verify your document and forward to embassy.

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