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B.Com Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE in India

Degree Certificate Attestation

A Degree Certificate procedure is mandatory in the verification of documents when a person plans to travel abroad. For International use of the documents, the process of certificate attestation becomes pretty essential. And, every individual travelling abroad for varying purposes needs to do certificate attestation. Moreover, if you wish to go abroad for study purposes, you are require to do a degree certificate attestation for uae . 

Degree certificate attestation is witnessing a certificate by certain authorized persons, authorities, or departments. Authorize people do the attestation procedure with their official signature and seal. There are several educational certificate attestation services , but you must select wisely which would be better.

The procedure seems complex, but with the support and guidance of an experienced team, it could become hassle-free. Moreover, degree certificate attestation seems essential to achieve a visa abroad for employment purposes.  It is a procedure that proves the degree’s authenticity issued by your home country.

Purpose / degree certificate attestation for UAE in India

Whenever a certificate holder travels to any foreign country for different purposes, its attestation becomes essential. If a person travels abroad, then Bachelor of Commerce degree certificate attestation is required for :

  • Work or job in any foreign country.

For your dependent family visa for spouse, parents or children.

  • Setting up a business abroad.
  • Education from any foreign university or institute.
  • Resident or sponsorship visa.
  • To change profession.
  • To change visa status. 
  • Helps in easy migration. 

This attestation aims to allow someone willing to travel overseas for higher Education or employment. Moreover, the attestation process confirms that the certificate’s signature, seal, and department name are genuine. It could reduce the chance of providing fake documents, and the process becomes easy with the help of experienced people.

 And all this could happen after a degree certificate attestation that helps you improve your career. Although relocation seems exciting, the attestation process makes it daunting. So, ensure to hire expert services that make the procedure super easy. 

List of documents required for educational document attestation

To apply for a degree certificate attestation procedure by various authorize authorities, varying documents are require. You are require to have various other documents apart from the original certificate that needs to be attest. The list possesses :

  • Original certificates.
  • Passport copy.
  • Copy of semester mark sheets.
  • Passport-size photo.
  • Offer letter copy. 
  • Copy of visa.
  • Copy of degree.
  • SSC certificate.
  • HSC certificate.

All these essential documents are require to show during the application for this. Along with these documents, the attestation procedure gets simple.

When is a degree certificate require ?

A degree certificate is issue by a university or an institute to students after graduation, post-graduation, or masters in any specified course. On convocation day, students achieve their degrees with honor and pride. But is a degree certificate essential? A degree certificate is mandatory as it is the basic document for employment and higher Education. It is the certificate that showcases the academic qualification of a student and their achievements.

The degree certificate is issued for a lifetime and describes an individual’s course or program and academic marks. Moreover, the degree certificate is require for higher education or employment purposes, either in a foreign country or in your country. But, the degree needs to be attest for foreign usage, and you can easily apply for the attestation process. Indian B.Com degree certificate attestation simplifies the procedure, and you can receive it quickly.

The need for degree certificate attestation is always an essential task in the eyes of the law and order. During the process, an authorized entity or person confirms its authenticity for future use. Attestation is a must for people seeking higher education or work visas in foreign countries. Due to this, the need for degree attestation is in great demand. While considering its increased need, various attestation service providers are coming up. 

How to get b com degree certificate ?

The attestation procedure is simple enough if performed with the help of experience people, here are the steps of degree attestation in UAE. Here are the steps where the degree certificate needs to be attest by the State HRD Department. 

  • Bachelor’s degree certificates would be sent to the specified university for verification by the State HRD Department.
  • After verifying the university, Human Resource Development (HRD) would quickly attest to the original degree certificate.
  • When the document gets attested by the department, the document is sent to the Ministry of External Affairs for attestation.
  • After its attestation, the document is sent to the Embassy / Consulate of the host country for proper attestation.

Here are the steps where attestation of a degree certificate is not mandatory by the HRD Department.

  • Bachelor degree certificate is sent to SUB Divisional Magistrate and Notary for attestation procedure.
  • After being receive from the SUB Divisional Magistrate and Notary, the original Bachelor’s degree certificate is sent to the Ministry of External Affairs for further legalization purposes.
  • After getting attest by the Ministry of External Affairs, the Bachelor’s degree certificate is sent to the host country’s embassy for a more attestation process. 

Processing time of B.Com degree certificate attestation

Processing time for Bachelor’s degree certificate attestation and embassy attestation ideally requires eight to ten working days. But, in some instances or due to certain factors, like if the issuing authority lies in an inaccessible area, it could take almost thirty days to attest the document. Moreover, the degree attestation charges vary in each State and country. The reason behind varying fees is because of several factors, such as the place of issuing documents and many others. 

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