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Experience/Employment Certificate Attestation for UAE in India

experience/employment certificate attestation

Have the desire to travel abroad for employment opportunities? If yes, then experience/employment certificate attestation is the essential part you should not forget. Experience document seems to be a formal letter that previous employers issued to certify that you worked in their company for a certain period. Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE also required for getting job in UAE. Furthermore, in UAE, getting your employment certificate attested is pretty normal, especially if you continuously change your job. Irrespective of what kind of profession you like, experience document attestation is required to claim that your documents are authentic. 

What is Experience/Employment certificate attestation?

Experience/Employment document is a document that is issued by your previous employers in which you have worked. The document involves the name of the organization for which you have work, the period you work in their company, and your designation at resignation time. It provides insight into your experience in a certain field. And the document issue by Indian employers or if issue in India is legal in a foreign country if attest. The attestation of experience documents serves as a legal process that proves the genuinely of your document. During the procedure, an attestation stamp from some designated official is done in the home country. So, after the attestation process, you receive permission to enter any foreign country.

How to get an Experience/Employment certificate attestation ?

Employment certificate comes under the sub-category of non-educational certificate attestation. It is an employer document issue by your employer that recognizes and appreciates your work. This document is more important for people who find new jobs. But, the attestation process requires ample time that seems to be daunting for you to do. So you can take help form here. UAE attestation from experts that are trustworthy and provide you with free pickup and delivery service of your documents. 

Procedure for Experience / Employment certificate attestation

The process of experience certificate attestation is not considered a direct process. You are required to go through various important steps before its final attestation. The procedure starts with notary attestation and finishes with embassy attestation. 

The process of attestation of the employment certificate is as follows:

Notary attestation

Notary verification is done before all other processes that depict a course of action. The process is done by a local notary, usually in the form of a stamp and signature that proves your document’s authenticity. A notary is consider the most basic requirement of any legalization procedure and serves as the first step in the attestation procedure.

Home Department attestation

After notary attestation, an experience certificate is sent to the Home Department, where designate officials attest and sign the document. Furthermore, the Home Department exclusively performs attestation of every personal document along with its seal and sign.

Ministry of External Affairs Department attestation (MEA)

MEA provides the department for certificate attestation. This serves as a Central Government that entirely deals with the country’s foreign matters.

Embassy attestation

Here comes the final and essential step in the attestation procedure – embassy attestation. In this attestation procedure, your certificate is attested by designated officials of your dream foreign country as per their rules and regulations. 

The period needed to complete the attestation procedure entirely depends on several aspects. Usually, Indian Experience/Employment certificate attestation takes about 8-10 days to get over. However, it could extend to a couple of weeks for more than a month. And experience certificate attestation fees vary from country to country. 

Which document is required for Experience/Employment certificate attestation ?

During the attestation of the experience certificate, you are require to carry various other documents for the authentication process.

The list of other documents is as follows :

  1. Original employment certificate.
  2. Passport-size photographs.
  3. Copy of passport.
  4. Authorization letter.

Benefits of Experience / Employment certificate attestation

If you desire to go abroad for more great opportunities, an employment certificate is mandatory to attest. Moreover, with the help of its attestation, you can easily attend job interviews abroad. And also can achieve higher education in any of the deemed universities of that country. But, its attestation is not only for work purposes, but it also offers you benefits in varying other areas, like :

  • Showcase your experience in some authentic field.
  • Whenever you desire to apply for a loan.
  • When you have an immigration plan.
  • If you achieve a promotion in your company in any foreign country.
  • In case your employer requests it. 

Furthermore, you can achieve many new employment opportunities, and the entire procedure is appropriately controlled by officials of the destination country’s embassy. The attestation process enhances the demand of certificate holders, and it becomes more valuable with embassy officials’ signatures and seals. Ensure to follow all rules and submit the document properly, as one mistake will cancel or hold the attestation procedure. 

Avail several benefits of attestation of experience certificate , and to prevent any sort of mistake and resubmission, you can fetch help from expert services as the experts are well-verse in the procedure and easily complete the process in less time. 

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