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Most people dream of working in a good multinational company and desire to live a luxurious life abroad. This would not only permit you to build a strong career but also help you understand their culture properly. However, the more exotic it sounds, relocating to any foreign country could be daunting and troubling. And all the trouble starts with the document attestation process. So, certificate legalization is a mandatory requirement for every document if they are intent to be use abroad. If you seek trouble getting your documents attested, especially the certificate of degree. Various companies offer services for degree certificate attestation for UAE in Delhi .

Degree certificate attestation serves as a certificate that an individual could receive after graduation from a university or institution. This certificate is an essential document confirming that a person has complete graduation . That possesses the individual’s name, course, starting year of course, and completion year along with authorities stamp and sign over it. This attestation process is essential to grab a student visa or achieve employment. As the degree provides proof of obtaining your education and legal evidence of your qualification.

Whether you are an employee, searching for a job, or looking forward to study in the UAE. You must prove that your educational or degree records are real. Moreover, graduation degree certificate attestation ensures that your educational qualification gets legalized per UAE standards requirements.

The attestation procedure could be troublesome . As you must offer various documents and ensure that you take the proper steps to avoid any problems. Furthermore, with an attestation stamp, the It becomes genuine, right, and recognize by the MEA of your home country. Achieving this attestation stamp over your graduation degree means no further need for any legalization.

The degree attestation process is essential to achieve an employment visa or student visa in foreign countries. Especially in the UAE. This requires original degree certificates attestation first from your home country and, after that, certificate attestation from the country where you desire a job. This entire procedure evaluates this and confirms its authenticity and legality.

To apply for the degree attestation procedure, you need to have an original degree certificate degree copy, copy of passport, copy of visa, mark sheets copy, passport size photo, along with SSC and HSC original certificates. Every country demands an attestation procedure on the original certificates, and the embassy attestation stamp needs to be printed on these original certificates. Moreover, the certificate should be in good condition, and all stamps and signs should be properly readable without unusual markings.

How to get a degree certificate in India ?

An original degree certificate is the most essential document in your life, as the degree would open opportunity doors for a better future. But, before using the UAE certificate, you must get it attested. Now, you might think of how to do the attestation of a degree certificate . Here comes the procedure for document attestation in India. Which is a chaining procedure.

The procedure of B.A. degree certificate attestation , as depict by the embassy where the degree needs to be attested by the HRD State Department, is essential.

  • It would be sent to University for proper verification by the State HRD Department.
  • After receive verification from University , HRD Department would attest the original B.A. provisional degree certificate .
  • Once the original B. A certificate gets attested by HRD Department. It will be sent to the Ministry of External Affairs for further legalization procedure.
  • After attest by the Ministry of External Affairs . It would be sent to the host country’s embassy for further attestation of the document.

However, the procedure of B.A. Certificate attestation, as depict by the embassy, where the certificate needs to be attested by the State HRD Department, is not essential.

  • It would be sent for Sub-divisional Magistrate and notary attestation process.
  • After receiving from the Sub Divisional Magistrate and Notary attestation, the original document would be sent to the Ministry of External Affairs for legalization purposes.
  • After receiving an attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs, the Graduation certificate attestation is sent to the host country’s embassy for more attestation.

All educational or degree certificates from all countries , grantee by reputable colleges or institutions in your native country or even if they were issue in the UAE, can be attest. Once your degree certificate has been authorize or validate. You can utilize it for your current and future efforts inside and outside the United Arab Emirates.

Furthermore, B.A. degree certificate attestation for UAE price could vary per the requirements. The certificate attestation price would vary for every State and country, and this is due to various factors or due to some other issue. However, B. A degree certificate attestation services in Dubai could range between 8 to 10 days.

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