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UAE embassy Attestation Complete Guide

UAE embassy attestation

Engineering Certificate Attestation for UAE

UAE means the United Arab Emirates, a federation of seven emirates, an amazing place with so much importance in business and the economy. UAE possesses a mixed environment of coastal wetlands and plains, rocky deserts, and waterless mountains. People visit UAE for several reasons, so you must issue valid documents and then fetch UAE certificate attestationNowadays, UAE serves as the major business-friendly in the Middle East region, and for Asian people, UAE is gaining popularity in job prospects for doctors, engineers, and other workers.

But, to enjoy things in the United Arab Emirates, UAE Attestation is an essential process during visa application to travel to UAE either for business or enjoyment. This procedure would demonstrate every document to be legal and the process could vary for varying certificates. And, the place attracts many tourists globally, making the process a frequent procedure. 

Hence, legalizing your documents from well-trained and experienced professionals is essential. Though there are various trustworthy and professional attestation services agencies, you must select the best attestation services in India. So, if you are plan to travel to UAE and wonder how to get the procedure done, don’t worry, as the following information will help you do the UAE embassy attestation. 

What are UAE attestation services?

UAE is a land that provides better education and employment opportunities for a huge number of immigrants. Every year thousands of people come to the UAE from varying parts of the world in search of higher studies, to build up their businesses, or for better job purposes. There are several processes that you require to complete before planning your journey to UAE, and one of the processes is document attestation . 

The procedure is to fetch a residential visa, work visa, spouse visa, university admission, and other legal formalities. Moreover, it is a process of legalizing a document with an official seal and then signing by an authorized authority. 

All procedure would ease your traveling as your documents would get legalize in your home country. Moreover, certificate attestation is essential to use your documents abroad during immigration. And the procedure is follow by countries that don’t come under Apostille Hague Convention. 

How to self-attest a document?

For the UAE embassy attestation procedure, you must gather your documents and self-attest them. For this mandatory process, the Government requires a copy of your documents, known as self-attested documents. Self-attestation of documents permits the owner of the document to ensure that the photocopy of your original documents is true just by signing over them.

Self-attestation of documents can be done by following these steps:
  • Firstly, make a photocopy of the required original document.
  • Write “True copy of the original document” on the front side or over the lower left-right corner of the photocopy.
  • Then, sign below the statement.
  • In the case of multiple pages, you must repeat the same process for every page.
  • After that, submit every self-attested photocopy along with the applications to retain every original document after submission. 

List of certificates for UAE attestation

UAE embassy attestation is a major procedure before heading towards UAE, and the process requires varying documents like diploma/degree certificates, educational certificates, and transcript certificates. In personal documents, you need to have a marriage certificate and birth certificate, and these documents need to be attest when you desire to visit UAE for long-term residence. Moreover, in business extension in UAE, there is the approval of attestation on various commercial documents from the embassy.

Importance of UAE attestation

UAE embassy attestation over various documents is mandatory when you wish to indulge in some employment, business, higher studies, or various professional activities in UAE. To attest, every document from an experienced authority depicts the visitor’s generosity apart from fulfilling every prescribe norm. There are several attestation services in Dubai for India, and the procedure is required for various reasons, such as student visas, work visas, professional considerations, and resident visas. The document attestation depicts your sincerity and your pure heart. The entire procedure would permit you to grab an employment visa, build up your job opportunities, helps to grab admission to good schools, and give you a great advantage to settle in UAE with your family, and you could even grab higher education. 

How to do certificate attestation for UAE?

Here comes the steps that would tell how to perform the UAE embassy attestation process:

  • Firstly, the entire document passes through State attestation from various states.
  • After that, MEA attestation is performed by the Ministry of External affairs.
  • Once done with this, embassy attestation is require from your home country’s embassy.
  • Then, a document could avail MOFA attestation from the respective MInistry when you reach the specific country.

Procedure for degree attestation UAE

Attestation of a degree is essential for fetching a UAE visa to grab a job or a family residency. However, the procedure can be complicated, confusing, and time taking just because of various formalities. The process needs to deal with several departments, authorities, and officers that might become overwhelming for an applicant. So, if you desire hassle-free work, search for a good degree certificate attestation for UAE.

Moreover, here comes the steps to attest degree:
  • Put up a notary public stamp over the certificate.
  • Then, it gets verified by the Ministry of Education or some other trained authority.
  • Legalization of certificates from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the issuing country.
  • After that, the UAE embassy attestation in the issuing country.
  • Then, attestation of a certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE. 

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