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Complete Guide of UAE Embassy Attestation in India

Complete Guide of UAE Embassy Attestation in India

UAE embassy attestation

The attestation of important documents is essential whenever you need to go outside your country. It does not matter what the purpose behind going outside to another country the embassy attestation from the government is required every time. If you are going to UAE for your studies, then you need to take the help of the UAE embassy attestation.


All your important documents need UAE embassy attestation , and without the stamp or seal from the government, the documents will not consider valuable and authentic. Initially, you can also get a lot of advantages whenever you have an attestation on your documents from your own country or the government. This article will discuss all the processes that will help you complete the attestation in India. Let’s find out important things regarding this fact. 

What is UAE embassy attestation?

Many people may not know what the UAE Embassy attestation is. To clarify the whole concept, we have come up with the right and basic information. If you are going to the United Arab Emirates, then the government of the United Arab requires a Visa and valid documentation from each one of the citizens. For people who will stay in United Arab from India, It is mandatory to have the embassy attestation from the government.


UAE embassy attestation in India is the basic requirement from the government of the United Arab for all the citizens who come to their country. 

What is Certificate Attestation for UAE?

Suppose you are going to United Arab for your higher studies, then all your valid documentation needs the Signature or stamp from the government. All the previous education certificates also need the Signature of your government. It is a kind of green signal from your government to go outside the United Arab without any problems. Attestation of documents in UAE Can define your visa quickly. 

Is attestation require in UAE?

Before getting the visa from the United Arab Emirates, all the documents or certificate from your academic, educational, or professional credentials must be attested by the government of India. One has to take all the documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get the visa immediately.

What are the three possible ways for Certificate Attestation?

Complete the whole procedure of a certificate attestation or Apostille Attestation; three main ways can help to complete the whole task quickly. Let’s find out that way in detail. 

State Attestation :

Whatever the purpose is behind going to the United Arab the citizen of India has to provide the authentic agent behind moving to the country. A certificate from the state is very important. From the start, each document must take the Signature or seal from the state government, and MEA attestation is very important. Initially, from the hrd department, you also need to take the certificate attestation. For education, even the student needs to get permission from the government before going to United Arab.

MEA Attestation :

MEA attestation is also a very important part of this process. From the ministry of external affairs, the citizen of India needs to take the attestation or Signature from the Individual State Administrative. 

Embassy Attestation : 

Certificate attestation services from the embassy attestation are the final step in this process. For the certificate attestation, you need to complete the first MEA attestation. 

Requirement of certificate attestation in India for UAE

In the UAE embassy in India, There are some important documents that you need to provide to the government with the Signature of your government if you are going to stay in the United Arab. Let’s find out the important things require for the certificate attestation.

  • First, you need to take attestation on birth, marriage, and death certificate.
  • Secondly, you need to take attestation on academic certificates, both personal and commercial Certificates and Employment letters.

Why is degree attestation in UAE required?

For your further studies in the United Arab, the degree certificate attestation for UAE is very important. It is a kind of procedure from your government that all your certificates and documents are genuine and authentic. And by watching the Signature or Stamp on each one of the documents, the government of the United Arab will allow you to stay in their country. 

What is a mofa attestation & why is it important?

The mofa attestation UAE is also very important if you are going to stay in United Arab for the purpose of your work or study. All your documents need to take the sign by your government or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If all of your documents will be used in United Arab, then you need to take a stamp from your government to present them in front of the United Arab government.


This documentation is very important for each of the students or people who will stay in the United Arab for work. It is a kind of permission from there on a country to stay in the United Arab. Even the government of the United Arab will consider all the documentation of the citizen or the student to be authentic and genuine. Apostille documents in India Can also help you to get the whole thing accurately.

Which type of certificate we attest?

How long does UAE attestation Procedure take time to complete?

The whole process can take a minimum to a maximum time, depending on several procedures and levels. Mostly the educational certificate attestation takes a much longer time in comparison with a commercial certificate. The UAE embassy in India has to go through a lot of levels. However, you can also reduce the time if you hire a particular agency for this work.


And to verify each of the documents, it is very natural to go through each one of the certificates and then give the stamp. hrd certificate attestation and HRD attestation Also take much less time to complete the whole procedure. But generally, you can get all of your certificate attestations within 3 to 5 working business days. 


Benefits of getting the attested document from the UAE embassy

To get a UAE visa, this whole procedure can also help in this matter. There are so many useful benefits are also available for the documentation form of the UAE Embassy. Let’s find out the benefits you may obtain for yourself after you have the certificate attestation for UAE.


  • By providing both the birth certificate attestation and education certificate attestation in UAE, you can get the opportunity to study abroad or in United Arab. 
  • It can also help you get permission to stay in the United Arab for your work.
  • People can also get a migration Visa and family visa from this procedure. Attestation of Degree certificate for UAE and certificate attestation for UAE can also make the task easier for everyone who will stay abroad or specifically in United Arab.
  • Even you can bring out another advantage of this whole procedure: you can get the opportunity to study at international universities.


These are the whole guide on UAE embassy attestation that you need to know, and after the whole procedure, you can also get the advantage as well.

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