UAE Attestation

UAE Embassy Attestation and Apostille Services in India

UAE Embassy Attestation and Apostille Services in India

UAE Embassy Attestation

What is UAE Embassy Attestation ?

UAE Embassy Attestation is the procedure to confirm the validity of documents and signature on all document issues for the UAE abroad. Where the certificates including birth certificate, educational documents, marriage certificate, divorce certificate. It can be used to get work or student visas in UAE or any other country. You can use this all document use in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

What is Apostille Services in India ?

An apostille is a document that authenticates in an appropriate embassy related to the Hague conversion. In short, apostille is a global attestation. In other words, an apostille is a computer-generated stamp or sticker with a square shape that is sticking opposite the original document. PCC PVT LTD provides attestation services in Delhi . It essentially make the document valid internationally.

Difference between Apostille and attestation

This certificate is a certificate the government affixes to a document to validate its authenticity for use in another country. An attestation is a certificate or other legal document signed by a witness who has first-hand knowledge of the document’s contents.

There are a few critical differences between apostille and attestations :

  • An apostille is issue by the government, while an attestation is not.
  • This certificate is affixed to a document, while an attestation is not.
  • An apostille certifies the authenticity of a document for use in another country, while an attestation does not.
  • The authentication is must for the confirmation.

There are a few key similarities between apostille and attestations. Both are certificates or another type of legal document.

Overall, the main difference between apostille and attestations is that Apostille in India are issue by the government and certify the authenticity of a document for use in another country, while attestations are not.

How to get UAE embassy attestation in India ?

You will get the attested document within one week by the search of certificate attestation services near me , but in some cases, you will get this document within 3 to 4 days. UAE embassy attestation fee depend upon agents. You will get an apostille or attestation document by two methods.

  1. By yourself
  2. Hire any agency.

If you go through SDM attestation, it takes more than 1 month so the apostille agency will help you with this process.

Why is UAE embassy attestation required?

The United Arab Emirates has a strict policy regarding document authentication and only accepts documents that have been attested by the UAE embassy. There are a number of reasons why this policy is in place, but the most important one is to ensure the validity of the documents or UAE embassy document attestation. The UAE embassy needs to be sure that the documents are legitimate and not fake before they can be use in the UAE.

There are a number of different types of documents that need to be attested by the UAE embassy. For example, birth certificate attestation for uae, education certificate attestation UAE, marriage certificate attestation for uae, degree attestation in uae. Other documents that may need to be attested include Power of Attorney documents, educational certificates, and business documents.

The attestation process can be confusing, but the embassy staff is always available to help. They will need to see the originals of the documents as well as two photocopies.

What is the procedure for UAE embassy attestation?

The procedure for uae embassy attestation in India is Simple. You can divide this process in 3 types.

  1. State Attestation
  2. MEA Attestation
  3. 3.Embassy Attestation
  1. State Attestation:

State Attestation is the process of proving the existence and contents of a digital document to a third party. In most cases, the third party is a government entity, but it can also be a private party, such as a bank or an insurance company.

State Attestation has a number of benefits. It can help to :

  • It prove the existence of a document.
  • Prove the contents of a document.
  • You can prevent document tampering.
  • Enable document sharing.

State Attestation can be used for a variety of documents , including :

  • Contracts
  • Legal documents
  • Tax documents
  • Financial documents
  1. MEA Attestation (Ministry of External Affairs)

The MEA Attestation is the second procedure for attestation. The Ministry of External Affairs also works to protect the rights of Indian citizens abroad. The ministry provides legal and consular assistance to Indian citizens who are victims of crime or natural disasters.

  1. Embassy Attestation

Embassy Attestation only done after MEA attestation. It can helps you to for getting residential visa , study or employment visa or study visa.

The UAE embassy attestation procedure is simple, but there are a few steps you need to follow :

  • First of all, gather the required documents.
  • For this process, you can submit documents to the embassy.
  • You have to pay the fees.
  • You can wait for the embassy to process your request.
  • Pick up your attested documents.

The above steps are the basic requirements for apply for UAE embassy attestation. For example, you must ensure that your documents are in order and complete. You also must ensure that you have all the required documents when submitting your application.

List of document also you can attest

How to Apostille a document in India?

At UAE embassy attestation you will get apostilled document through 2 ways. First one is state attestation then MEA apostille. Second SDM attestation and MEA apostille.

If you want to do apostille with State attestation so all the document belongs one or other state in India. It only done by secretarial of the region. State attestation is the verification of documents by a state agency.

State attestation can be use for a variety of purposes, such as verifying the identity of a person, verifying the authenticity of a document, or verifying the qualifications of a person. State attestation can be a useful tool for preventing fraud and protecting the interests of the state. SDM attestation takes more than 30 days also provides quick attestation services .

Sub divisional magistrate will only authenticate documents on behalf of the state government after that, this document is sent to an MEA for final apostille. This method works for only a Hague nation. Suppose your document belongs to Haryana, Punjab, and Goa, so it also states attestation.

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